Increase your direct bookings with a professional website.

Does your own hotel website seem a less important booking channel? Nothing could be further from the truth! Even though OTAs are fierce competitors, your own website remains a very important source of inspiration for your guests. So it's time to optimise your website.

Elke Depoortere

The importance of direct bookings

Did you know this already?

  • Even though the search for places to stay often starts on popular online booking channels such as and Airbnb, as many as 50% of travellers visit personal hotel websites after discovering them through OTAs.
  • During the corona crisis, direct bookings really took off. Our research showed an increase of 65%!
Website client Guesthouse Cabosse, Suites & Spa - Antwerp

A good hotel website: checklist

When visitors finally land on your website, you have to inspire them and, of course, encourage them to book. Does your website meet the checklist below?

  • Clear navigation so that potential guests can immediately find the right information.
  • Quality photos that inspire and make your visitors dream about staying in your accommodation.
  • Important, relevant information about the rooms, dining options and location of your hotel or B&B. No extra questions needed, the traveller can book right away!
  • The usps (unique selling points) or assets of your accommodation. Why is your hotel or B&B worth a visit?

In addition, your website needs to be mobile-friendly. The responsive design adapts to each type of device, so that your website looks good on tablet, laptop and smartphone.

Still have a lot of work to do? Then be sure to read on, because there are still a number of important points of attention.

Stand out with an attractive brand identity

Besides all the "technical" aspects, the design is also important. The eye wants something too. Apart from a nice house style and striking images, you also need to pay attention to clear call to actions (buttons that incite to book, for example).

Website client Charme hotel Hancelot - Ghent

Template websites

You can also add a professional template website to your Bookingplanner all-in-one package. These hotel websites are specially designed with conversion in mind. This means that during design we always keep the main goal in mind: convince people to book!

Moreover, you can easily adapt these templates to your specific house style thanks to the user-friendly CMS (content management system) that comes with it. A template website is like a turnkey house. You get a fixed total package (a template including CMS), but you can add your own accents. Think of your own colours, photos, texts. This way, you can create a new website with your own house style in no time!

Curious about our hotel websites? Be sure to contact our sales team to take a look at our designs.

Create a smooth online booking process

To get direct bookings, your website must of course offer the possibility to book online via a Booking Engine.

A Booking Engine is also part of the Bookingplanner All-In-One package. This Booking Engine integrates seamlessly with our template websites (and other websites too!). Moreover, this booking module also comes with extra useful tools such as:

  • A fast booker: Allows customers to see immediately if your accommodation is still available after entering their travel dates.
  • Price comparison tool: Your direct booking price is shown next to the rates you charge on other booking sites. In this way, they can immediately see that direct booking is the cheapest option.
  • Book now button: This eye-catching call to action makes visitors more likely to book.

Get started!

Can your website use an update or do you not have a website for your hotel or B&B yet and do you want to get started quickly? Then be sure to contact our sales team to take a closer look at our template websites!

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